Le Pain Quotidien

The first day of the second year and my last lecture is already cancelled. So I ventured to the south side of Dublin with a few friends from college. Soaked and searching for a coffee that would cure us we entered Le Pain Quotidien.

Presentation:At first glance, nothing caught my eye. In brutal honesty, it looked like something you’d get from Star Bucks…When I ordered a large cappuccino I didn’t expect to receive a bowl of coffee! One could easily be tricked that it was a bowl of Weetabix. I received my spoon before my coffee which was very strange and when I got my coffee there was no saucer too!

Taste:  The first sip of this cappuccino was like receiving a fresh breath of life especially after arriving demoralized from the rain. This coffee had a very smooth sensation too although not overpowering. It tasted like the milk and coffee were combined as one. It tasted identical to my Network coffee review. This was a well-made coffee and the barista knew what she was doing when making it however she didn’t have a clue in terms of design. She was a technician, not an artist.

Price: This cappuccino cost €3.75 and this was a large coffee. Considering it was served in a cereal bowl, I,d say you’re getting your money’s worth.

Rating:I’ll give this coffee an 8 out of 10. It fell short on design. The cafe itself was a big rustic cafe. It was filled with businessmen and women and hardly any students. The service was really poor as we waited 10 minutes to order a coffee and the place was half empty. Id recommend this place for business meetings and dates. Whether you’re trying to impress your boss or your date id recommend this place for you!

Location: One Molesworth Street, Dublin


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