Mon Blau

After travelling to Spain for a wedding, I took the opportunity to travel around the beautiful town of Dénia. I found a small cafe where I began my Spanish coffee journey…


Presentation: Unique is the word I’d use to describe this coffee’s presentation. Although there isn’t any so-called “latte art”, I looked past this and saw a gleaming yet elegant glass of coffee which also didn’t bother me in the slightest but rather made me grow a fondness for glassed coffee!


Taste: This cappuccino was a good coffee but nothing special. It was a little bit watery but overall it was rich coffee and didn’t need any sugar. I thoroughly enjoyed it in the mid-morning heat. As you can see from the picture the consistency of the foam on top was perfect, helping the coffee to survive just a little bit longer and also adding a pleasant sight to the eye helping the presentation.

Price: This cappuccino cost me €1.95 which almost sounds too good to be true. Spain knows how to properly price a coffee which I respect a lot. Imagine seeing a quality cappuccino in Dublin city for €1.95 there would on an uproar. Until that day arrives I guess we will be stuck with the extortion of €3.50 for a coffee SMH…

Rating: Overall taking into account that Spain isn’t known for their coffee, Id to give this coffee a 7 out of 10. I loved the glass it was served in. The coffee was just right in my opinion for that mid-morning hustle and bustle around the town where you can sit down and relax while everyone rushes to work!

Location:Carrer Carlos Sentí, 13, 03700 Dénia, Alacant, Spain


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