The suns shining in Ireland what a day i can almost smell summer around the corner. Two more months till college is finished for summer and ill be done with first year but first i had to try a coffee from the network after being recommend from a ex work colleague of mine.

Presentation:    Without a doubt, this is the best presentation I’ve ever received I loved the wooden board and the cappuccino itself was amazing, I loved the hearts and attention to detail it was almost like the barista was flirting with me. The wooden board itself was magnetic so the spoon stuck to it. Speechless is the word id use to describe this masterpiece.

Taste: The first sip of this coffee was so smooth I could feel it flow through every part of my body. Milk was frothed to perfection it was almost like the milk and coffee had become one. I didn’t need any sugar cause in my own opinion I thought it was the perfect amount of strength for a coffee.To the naked eye its a “good coffee” but to the trained eye this is like the Mona Lisa of cappuccinos.

Price: It cost me €3.20 but honestly after tasting this id price this as a €6.00 coffee in terms of taste itself disregarding the magnificent presentation.

Rating:  This is a 9/10 cappuccino, I’m not giving it a 10 because the 10/10 coffee doesn’t exist here in Ireland. The 10/10 coffee is most likely in Italy id imagine. The cafe itself was very art deco it had a great atmosphere to it also. I wouldn’t recommend bringing a friend here if you haven’t been here by yourself first. Everyone should come here alone and experience fully what I experienced which was near perfection.

Location:39 Aungier St, Dublin 2

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