Art Cafe

Its 11:00am on everyone’s favorite day of the week FRIDAY!!My good friend Peter and I were walking towards Connolly station. College finished for the week and we decided to treat ourselves to a coffee…

Presentation:   Intriguing presentation to say the least the cappuccino itself was served in a mug! this was a first for me. It had the word “cafe” written on the foam itself. I wasn’t sure why they chose to write a cafe but nevertheless, it was a pretty cool design. It reminded me of my review of theBean hive cafe

Taste: It wasn’t a strong coffee at least and tasted more like hot milk with a hint of coffee. I’ve definitely had worse. There was nothing special to it but it just ticked the box just like instant coffee would. It was a comforting cup of Joe but it wasn’t the kinda coffee that would put hairs on you’re chest !!!

Price: The coffee cost €2.50 which is just below the average price of a coffee.Cheap little cafe with nice food and a menu with everything under €10.

Rating:Id give this cappuccino a 5 out of 10 it just didn’t deliver taste wise and I wasn’t a fan of them using a mug for a cappuccino either. The presentation was amazing I thought very uniquely just like my bean-hive review. As the cafe itself, I would recommend for a nice brunch as the menu itself was very cheap with no prices going over €10. This is perfect for any students who love treating themselves to delicious meals but also love saving money! In terms of coffee though I wouldn’t recommend this place

Location:9P2W+2J Dublin, County Dublin

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