My last lecture of the day cancelled so I thought id treat myself to a cappuccino. Strolling through Dublin’s city centre and I notice an art deco cafe bursting with potential as I saw macaroons through the window patiently waiting to be devoured.

Presentation: I cherished this presentation as I received leaves and if you’ve read my other reviews such as  Donnybrook Fair I don’t receive leaves very often. The cup for me was beautiful it was glossy and glistened like marble.

Taste: This was a therapeutic cappuccino for me it was strong and not too bitter and gave off this fascinating aftertaste of fresh coffee in my mouth. I was really dazzled by how perfect the milk was frothed as it was consistent throughout the entire experience. I also observed the amount of chocolate powder used as it added so much depth to this coffee as it rippled through my mouth.

Price: This cappuccino cost me €4.20! This is a war crime in my eyes. When I purchased this coffee I had to check my bank account balance just to check I wasn’t insolvent. All that I can say is that you won’t catch any young people in this cafe with prices like this. I was so bewildered I asked the barista why was it €4.20 and she replied take away coffees are €3.00 but sitting in costs more. I nearly fainted with disbelief I could’ve saved €1.20. I could’ve bought a can of coke with that money…

Rating: I’d give this cappuccino an 8/10. It fell short of being a perfect coffee when the barista said: “That’ll be €4.20 please”. It looked beautiful, it tasted out of this world but honestly, id only recommends this place if you need a coffee on the go never bring anyone here unless you’re a millionaire with prices like this.

Location:1-3 William St S, Dublin, D02 K339

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