Beanhive Coffee

After receiving a lot of messages from people asking me to review this so-called “Beanhive” that everyone’s been talking about. I ventured into Dublin’s city center accompanied by a business expert to see what all this hype was really about…

Presentation: There are not many places I’ve been to that I can actually say “Perfect presentation”. However when someone presents you a Pikachu cappuccino how can one not say “Perfect”.He was even waving at me and if that doesn’t make your day you’re not a human being. Although I felt a certain amount of guilt as I ended this Pikachu life…

Taste: My first taste of this unique cappuccino was a surprising one. It was very sweet because the design itself was made out of sugar. The milk was frothed perfectly as it stayed consistent till my last sip. After that, It was honestly a bit tasteless in my opinion. Suddenly I was getting flashbacks as it reminded me of the Esquires coffee review I did. The beans were very weak and had virtually no strength. Once again I was cat-fished with the presentation.

Price: It cost €3.20 and for the portion size and effort put into the presentation it was a reasonable price. I wouldn’t be buying a coffee here every day or id be broke…Its the perfect place for people to buy a coffee when it’s their payday!

Rating: I’d give this coffee a 6 out of 10, once again another barista broke my heart. For a cafe that is popular for people to put up on their Instagram, stories because of its presentation they need to match their design skills with their coffee making skills. This seems like a place that people go to who actually have no interest in coffee, order hot chocolates and just go because its the “IT” place. All the same brilliant market strategy by Beanhive as they are drawing customers in purely on design even though the coffee quality is average. They also played no music and instead played the radio and it wasn’t even a music station…

Location: Dawson St, Dublin 2, D02 FY28

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