Blas Cafe

First day back in college in 2019 and I decided to pop into a cafe right next door. I was always afraid to enter this cafe previously due to the wild amount of hipsters and millennial’s entering its domain. These millennial’s don’t phase me anymore, it was time to show them why generation Z ( Z’s ) are the best…

Presentation: The presentation was astounding. The love heart seemed almost cartoon-like. Top stuff from the barista here; if I was her manager I’d be giving her a raise. The green cup is another aspect I became quite fond of. It’s different then the boring common white cup as seen in Donnybrook Fair.

Taste: I really enjoyed this cappuccino, who’s taste left me with a sweet aftertaste. It was very wholesome. The only fault was the fact that it tasted a little watery but that’s because the milk wasn’t frothed properly. Other than that, it was a noble cappuccino.

Price: It cost €3.15 which was greedy in my opinion. For a cafe to literally be next-door to a college and charge €3.15 is a joke and I was not happy to pay this…

Rating: I was quite pleased with this cappuccino, so I’d give it a 7 out of 10. The cost was pricey for us Gen Z’s. However, I’d still recommend this cafe for dates where you really want to impress your lover. On the other hand, if you’re a millennial then this cafe is you’re Mecca.

Entrance to Blas Cafe

Location:26 King’s Inns St, Rotunda, Dublin 1


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