Caffe Delle Carrozze (Vactican city)

After visiting the Vatican city and seeing the amazing Sistine Chapel which I found to be the most surreal experience of my visit to the beautiful city of Rome. I found this cafe with a coffee that reminded me of the story of the ugly duckling as it was a coffee that shocked me with it’s lack luster presentation yet tasted like something Julius Caesar himself would approve of.

Presentation: There wasn’t much presentation put into this cappuccino cause the barista doing it was alone and there was a big queue also so I don’t blame her (Nothing compared to my previous review of Donnybrook fair.) They only had takeaway cups as well as it was more of a takeaway kinda cafe.

Taste: The taste was sublime it didn’t need any sugar,it wasn’t too bitter and also was beautifully refreshing as my Croatian co-worker told me once at work (I work in a cafe) “A cappuccino my friend should be one third coffee, one third milk and one third foam”. Now I live by those words day to day!

Price: €1.60 for this cappuccino was an absolute bargain. I couldn’t believe it when the barista said it cost that much. Now I’m considering living in the Vatican for my retirement plan!

Rating: I believe this cappuccino deserves an 8 out of 10 although the presentation was lacking the taste was marvelous. It honestly was an excellent coffee with a breathtaking view. This coffee honestly lived up to the stereotype that Italians make the best coffee in the world. I’d recommend this cafe after seeing the Sistine Chapel as it’s a perfect place to sit back relax and take in all the historic Italian buildings while drinking an immaculate cup of coffee. It was far better than my review on the Italian
Magnum Cafe .

Location:VA, Cdad. del Vaticano, 00120 Città del Vaticano, Vatican City


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