Game of the week

Mario party 5:

This family friendly game was developed by nintendo and released in 2003 for the nintendo gamecube.This game brings mario and friends together to battle for stars and coins in a boardgame style where luck and skill go hand in hand in the quest of winning.


There are many playable characters and unplayable characters from all sorts of mario games such as:

  • Donkey kong(Donkey kong)
  • Mario tennis(Waluigi)
  • Mario bros (Mario,Luigi,Peach,Toad,Boo,Bowser)
  • Previous mario party (Mini bowser)
  • Super Mario land (Daisy,Wario)
  • Super Mario world (Yoshi)

Game play:

Each iteration of mario party has a different style and power ups available in game.The game starts out with a star spirit named Kevlar introducing you to the game,With an assortment of game modes such as:

  • Party mode
  • Story mode
  • Mini game mode
  • Super duel mode
  • Bonus mode

The most common game played by myself and with my family is Party mode.This mode has 4 players collecting coins and stars while moving through a board game styled map where each player must roll a dice and will get a number between 1 and 10. The player must present 20 coins to receive the star or else they will pass through it, once the star has been claimed it moves to a random location on the board.


There is a selection of maps such as:

  • Toy dream
  • Rainbow dream
  • Pirate dream
  • Undersea dream
  • Future dream
  • Sweet dream

Each map has a unique style and routes in which the player will have discover while playing.

Mini games:

Once each player has a turn from that round a mini game is played where a player or players are rewarded for their victory.

  • 1v3
  • Dual (1v1)
  • 2v2
  • 4 player mini game
  • Battle mini game(coins deducted from each player)

These are the possible choices for mini games and each as unfair and fun as the last,within the realm of each mini game excluding battle mini games, a coin mini game can be played in which players battle it out for coins but are allowed keep them even if the come last.

Power ups and knock backs:

The game can be a smooth sail or a rough mistress when it comes to luck,when rolling you have the possibility to land on a bowser space which means you’ll either get a game mechanic changed or have to play a mini game in which your coins or stars are on the table. On the flip side you could land on a DK (Donkey Kong) space and this is the opposite of a Bowser space where rewards are the goal, stars are a slim but possible outcome but coins are a more likely thing in which the player or the group will be rewarded.

The coin based power up is called a capsule, this power up can cost any amount and can be used to help the player wielding it or hinder an opponent. These are given out for free once you pass what looks like a gumball machine or can be landed on as regular spaces.

Bonus stars:

These are three free stars awarded at the end of each match for a random selection of things such as highest coins, most distance travelled… its random each game and this can make or break a lead,although optional at the beginning of a match it wouldn’t be the same without them.

But why do I enjoy the game?:

With a family that doesn’t all enjoy games it’s good to be able to play a game where skill isn’t always required. You could be the best gamer or the worst and still be in the running. When it boils down to it a brief 50-60 minutes can have a lot of laughs and fun without feeling like you are a bad player or need practice. All in all this is why mario party 5 is my game of the week

(I want to note that this is a reason to play/replay any games and not a review as i will not be critiquing parts of the game but trying to get new people to play and former gamers to restart their love for it. Enjoy)


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