Donnybrook Fair

On my way to work with one of  my old cricket teammates and we noticed this very modern and art deco designed cafe so we ventured in to see if the coffees were as good as the building looked!

Presentation:   Amazing presentation, I really appreciated the effort this barista gave to make this cappuccino ,It’s like he almost knew i was going to review it. I loved how the chocolate powder was done. Very professional cappuccino.

Taste: It tasted very weak and plain. I’ve had worse cappuccinos for sure but for something that looked so beautiful to just end up average I was very disappointed in Donnybrook fair.

It cost €3.50 which was a bit above average and we definitely didn’t get value for money here, if i was to charge this coffee by its taste id charge it €2.50

Rating:To describe drinking this cappuccino there’s that expression ‘never judge a book by its cover’ and boy did I judge it by its cover this cappuccino was a 6/10 for me it’s not that it was a bad cappuccino it’s just that it did nothing to wow me and the only thing that did was the presentation. I’d recommend Donnybrook Fair for dates and friendly meet ups but make sure u don’t order a cappuccino! It’s definitely better than the cappuccino I had at Cafe en Seine to say the least.

Location:New St, Malahide, Co. Dublin



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