Cafe en Seine

Strolling through town with one of the veterans of the Coffee game and we were initially attracted to this French Bar because of the Great Gatsby esque design.We decided to give this roaring 20’s cappuccino a taste!

Presentation:    The design was non existent yet I could see that some people mightve liked it due to its simplicity. This was nearly expected as it is a bar and not a cafe. I’ve come across worse designs in my 19 years on this earth.

Taste: If the presentation didn’t disappoint us enough the taste definitely did! It was one of the weakest coffees we’ve ever tasted. There was no substance to it and the milk wasn’t frothed enough. We may as well have ordered man-sized baby chinos (Hot frothed milk served to children in cafes). The only taste we got was warm milk. Whoever roasted these coffee beans should be thrown in Guantanamo Bay!

Price: Price was €3.00 average and if anything we paid too much for a cappuccino of this standard. An average price for a below average cup of joe.I wouldnt pay 50 cent for this cappuccino it was so bad.

Rating: After the quickest decision of our lives we came to an agreement to give this Cappuccino a 3 out of 10. It’s the worst coffee I’ve reviewed to date. We had so many expectations and high hopes entering this 1920s Great Gatsby themed bar. If I’ve learned anything it’s never order coffees in a bar. To sum it up as my colleague said “It was gravely disappointing” I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemies.

Location:40 Dawson St, Dublin


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