Magnum Cafe

After aimlessly exploring the capital of Italy, the ancient and historic city of Rome, I came across a cafe which at first I just presumed was all about ice cream, as that is the company’s main product, but soon I noticed a barista and a cappuccino that had a price that screamed “BUY ME”.

Presentation:  The presentation was neat and tidy. Nothing special, no design and only a little sprinkle of choclate powder on it. The cup itself had no handle which I actually liked as it made me feel like I was an upper middle class citizen.

Taste: This Cappuccino was a bit bitter but it was the pick me up of caffeine that I needed. I proceeded to add one sachet of sugar into it which made it perfect. It didn’t remind me of magnum ice-cream!! But it did remind me how good cup of joe should taste.

Price: It cost me €1.50 which is an absolute bargain of a deal and if I was a college student in Rome I’d be there every minute of the day availing of such good value.

Rating: I’d give this Cappuccino a solid 6 out of 10, I thoroughly enjoyed this cappuccino. It didn’t blow my mind but it was a solid cup of joe. There wasn’t much effort put into the presentation but the taste was fine after sugar was put in. The coffee was practically free so I’d recommend this cafe as a nice quiet spot to meet a friend or colleague but not for dates as the cafe itself was a bit dark and gloomy!

Location:Via Tomacelli, 13, 00186 Roma RM, Italy


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