Caffe Cagliostro

This coffee was recommended to me by one of my colleagues from college. We went to a little cafe just next to the Liffey; beside Boojum and Mad egg. Today I decided to switch it up and order a flat white.

Presentation:    At first glance presentation was lacking as there was no attempt of any design at all. This hurt my feelings as I felt particularly unloved by this barista…

Taste: When it was first brought out to us, straight away I noticed the smell of the coffee: It was fresh and strong. This was strong and bitter, so I added a sachet of sugar in it. I enjoyed the coffee a lot and I think this is the perfect place for college students to go.

Price: It only cost €2:70 which was a fair price for a fair cup of Joe. It’s a nice friendly place and perfect for students who are saving money.

Rating: If you want to wake up in the morning, but don’t feel like jumping in the Liffey, this is the place to go. Good for those early mornings but not so much for dates. It’s more of a take away cafe rather than a sit in kind of one. I’d give this coffee a solid 6 out of 10.

Location: Blooms Lane,Ormond Quay,Dublin 1,Dublin City, North City, Dublin, Ireland

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