On my way to college to do an assignment the day before it’s due and I’m sure most college students can relate. On my way to college I stumbled into this Italian place, so I decided to procrastinate just a little bit longer.
Ordered my cappuccino and sat outside where it was kindly brought out to me.

Presentation: When I first saw this coffee, I was very shocked it looked amazing presentation was immaculate the love heart and chocolate was an amazing touch! They even put a little chocolate on the side plate for me.

Taste: The taste was just how a proper cappuccino should taste like not bitter but refreshing and satisfying. I really can’t fault this coffee other than the fact that the portion size is small. Drinking this coffee made me feel like I was in Italy.

Price: The price of this coffee was €3.20 which is worth the money I must say, and I was offered a breakfast deal which was any coffee and a pastry for €3.75, it’s a good deal but I wasn’t hungry but good value for money if you need a mid-morning snack.

Rating: I will give this coffee an 8/10 and I’m only faulting it for the portion size. Great experience and would recommend for dates!

Location:Dawson Street Dawson St, Dublin 2, D02 Y594


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