Cafe Malahide

Not the most creative name for a cafe but it didn’t stop me from entering during a quiet mid-morning. I strolled up to the till ordered a cappuccino and they kindly brought it over to me.

Presentation:    At first glance the cappuccino was clean and nicely presented but the little love heart was a bit generic. There was no cocoa powder too which was quite a shock because cappuccinos usually have cocoa powder.

Taste: The first sip of this cappuccino was quite strong and actually quite hot. I personally feel a good coffee in general shouldn’t need sugar, but I had to put one sachet in this coffee just to counteract the bitterness. Nevertheless, the consistency of the cappuccino was good the milk was well done as the foam at the top of the cappuccino stayed on the top until I finished the cappuccino which I was very impressed about.

Price: The price of this coffee which I was pleasantly surprised about was 3 euro normally I’d expect it to be 3:50-3:75 and as a college student myself I was quite grateful as every cent matters when you’re in college.

Rating: Out of 10, I’d have to give this cappuccino a 7 the reason being for me taking those 3 points away are due to the bitterness, the generic love heart. I enjoyed the cappuccino and would recommend it and the Cafe as a perfect place to catch up with an old friend i think.

Location: 5 Main St, Malahide, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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